Unison Scottish Local Govt Pay Loss Calculator


Why you must Fight for the Union Pay Claim in 2022:

Scottish council (and related) workers have seen their pay held back relative to the rise in cost of living for many years now. There are 2 measures of inflation (or the rise in prices and living costs), "Consumer Price Index" CPI and "Retail Price Index" RPI. The graph below shows how a typical pay point (scp 40) salary has fallen behind where it would be, if pay rises had been matched to either CPI or RPI for April that year. For 2021, it also shows the difference between the employer's Offer and our Claim
Since 2009, local government pay in Scotland has fallen well behind both these measures of living cost increases. Some rates of pay are so low that they have to be protected by The Minimum Wage or The Scottish Living Wage (SLW).
Inflation is between 4.8%(CPI) and 7.5%(RPI) and rising fast!

The calculator below will provide an estimate of those losses for you, in cash terms. You should ask yourself, are you prepared to let that situation continue?

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